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When Worthington, Minnesota was settled in 1872, it was supposed to be a city without alcohol. According to the stories of the inhabitants, Civil War veterans moved to the city to live a better life. Now located in the friendly town of Worhington, it is home to the Minnesota State Fair, one of the oldest and most popular events in Minnesota.

These people were Yankee settlers whose parents moved from New England to the Northeast Ohio region known as the Connecticut Western Reserve. Many of them were members of the Congregational Church, many of whom converted from Methodism or Presbyterianism during the Second Great Awakening and became Baptists upon their arrival in present-day Minnesota. Some were from upstate New York and had parents or grandparents who had moved to the region.

More people came to the US through a company called the National Colony Organization, and problems of overpopulation combined with land scarcity came from all six New England states. In this atmosphere, settlers with connections to the national colony also arrived in large numbers. Some of them were moderate activists, some of them born in northeastern Ohio on the western Connecticut reservation.

I forgot my real estate license at the age of 18, but I worked as an agent for a few years and spent the next 30 years in the real estate business.

On 29 April 1872 regular passenger train services to Worthington began, and the first train was destined for the first settlers of the national colony. Meanwhile, the same year, the company was founded to locate New England settlers who had settled on the north side of the Mississippi in New York City. The colony itself was to be a place where evangelical Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists and Baptists could live free from the temptation of alcohol. In 1871, my family left Worthingston to buy a trading business in Minneapolis that later became the Minnesota State Fair and later the Minneapolis - St. Paul Convention Center.

It offered a lot of opportunities for education and employment as well as access to a wide range of opportunities for family and friends.

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In a nod to the local heritage, the name and logo of Forbidden Barrel are derived from the East Coast settlers who did not adhere to Worthington's moderation movement. Paycheck Honey Wheat Jalapeno, for example, is named after a turkey that happened to be racing through the city on its way to New York in the late 19th century.

While the city is no longer flirting with moderation, Droll is looking forward to the opening of Worthington's first brewery in late August. During a July 4 celebration, Prof Ransom Humiston, Worthingston's founder, learned that there was a barrel of beer in the Worhington House Hotel. When he heard it was his, he entered the hotel, grabbed it, dragged it outside, destroyed it with an axe, and the next thing you know, his beer was destroyed by Humiston.

With the start of construction in January, four years of serious consideration and work have gone into the brewery, which also requires time-navigation - the approval and approval process.

In the barren summer of 1873 swarms of locusts robbed the farmers of their fields, and the following winter was severe. There were no more than a few hundred acres of prairie grass and grassland, which stretched as far as the eye could see. Over 85 buildings were erected where there was nothing but prairie grass for only one year.

More About Worthington

More About Worthington