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Southwestern Minnesota people have the opportunity to explore racial issues that span several centuries by visiting the Minnesota Museum of Natural History and the University of Minnesota - St. Paul. An episode of NBC TV's Dateline on Friday will take a look at the history of racial relations in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and across the country. The two-hour episode, which details the 2015 killing of a Brewster Minnesota woman, will include interviews with former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as local and national experts.

The two-hour show focuses on the history of racial relations in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and across the country, as well as the relationship between the Minnesota Museum of Natural History and the University of Minnesota - St. Paul.

The Minnesota State Patrol said 27-year-old Jessica Marlow was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban eastbound on Highway 60 when she was struck by an unknown vehicle. The 2007 Ford F-150 rolled into a ditch on the A-19 at 11: 07 a.m. and was marked with Hershey, according to the Minnesota Highway Patrol. Weaver was traveling northbound on the southbound lane of westbound Highway 60 at the time of the collision, Minnesota State Police said. There were no other vehicles on the road and no one else on Westbound Highway 60 at the time.

A Chrysler van and a Kenworth Semi were on the EB when the Semi braked to make a turn, and the van reversed into the Semi.

Bigelow, Brewster and Dundee are investigating the case and are providing the traffic laws. The Minnesota Highway Patrol, St. Paul Police Department and Minnesota Department of Public Safety supported the scene and retained the support of the Twin Cities Fire Department, Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Please download the accident report for those involved, but do not become a victim of this accident or any other traffic accident on Interstate 35E.

Carwise can help you find a body shop in Brewster, Minnesota, or connect you to a local auto repair shop or auto parts store in St. Paul. For more information on Twin Cities traffic accidents, visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

Several ambulances responded and two vehicles involved in an accident on Minnesota State Highway 60 were moved to Sanford-Worthington the following May 5-17. Finding Brewster attorneys for birth injuries is a great way to get the help you need and the compensation your child deserves. Get a minute-by-minute update on the latest Twin Cities news and events and see what's happening on the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Traffic Accident page.

The Minnesota State Patrol said members of Brewster Fire and Rescue wished all their residents and friends a Wednesday and were returning to Bourne today when the crash happened.

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Owner Marv is a source of knowledge about the cars on display, and if you are interested in the unique backstory, you should definitely visit this great museum. He owns a GM dealership in the city and collects, restores, arranges and restores, with the support of his wife, who is interested in antiques, all kinds of cars related to the automotive industry, as well as a variety of other vehicles. The semi comes from Auto Body Shops in Brewster, but Carwise has more body shops in St. Paul and Minneapolis than any other store in Minnesota and adds more every day.

The Worthington exhibit is one of three small versions created to promote a fruitful dialogue on race issues, Williams said. The three communities were informally selected, he said, citing the existing relationship between the museum and the school district and teachers who had previously participated in museum workshops as a key factor in bringing the exhibition to the southwestern corner of the country.

Nearly 95 percent of Burmese in the state live in Ramsey County, home to the Karen Organization of Minnesota, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country serving the community, Egbert added. The Karen from Greater Minnesota would not only come to Ramsey County, but also to Minnesota as a whole, and not just to Worthington.

Museum officials traveled to Worthington last spring and discussed with various community members what they believe is being sought in the area. A small group of schools were encouraged to explore the exhibits, which were proposed for an audience of five years and older, she said.

At the time, there were just over 10,000, with the vast majority coming here between 2005 and 2018. Today, that number is more than ten times higher, and many have moved to the Twin Cities. The meat processing and meat-producing businesses in Worthington could accommodate anyone who could come to work with them, she said.

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More About Worthington