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Minnesota is facing a crisis in Worthington, a city in southwest Minnesota where nearly 300 workers have been infected by a coronavirus. At least 19 cases have been confirmed since a Smithfield pork factory in Sioux Falls closed last week when nearly 300 workers contracted the disease, and the union representing workers there says it has dealt a blow to pork farmers in the meat supply chain and raised concerns about the health of workers at meat packaging plants across the state. Gov. Tim Walz said JBS employees have relatives who work at Smithfields pork factory near Sioux Falls, which is closed indefinitely. Minnesota officials said Friday that there are 2,071 confirmed cases statewide with a total of 19. Nineteen cases (COID-19) confirmed in JBBS pork factories in and around Worthton: 19 confirmed cases, 2 in Minnesota, 1 in Wisconsin.

The plant manager in Worthington has been communicating with state officials, Walz said, and the Minnesota Department of Health has sent a four-person team to the city to help. Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said JBS plans to work with the state to test all its employees for COVID-19. Visit kare11.com's Coronavirus for comprehensive coverage, learn more about symptoms, learn what you need to know specifically about the Midwest, see which companies in Minnesota are hiring and whether they are hiring you. You can also contact us at the toll-free number 1 - 888 - 762 - 4357 for the mobile app KARE 11 News.

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Boom normally sells pigs to Smithfield's pork factory in Sioux Falls, which has been closed for at least two weeks. The company will note that Governor Walz's whereabouts - Home Order - will be followed until a decision is made on whether to reopen the facility.

Details of Walz's phone call were also shared with President Donald Trump, who tweeted about Minnesota, including: 'I received a very nice call from GovTimWalz from Minnesota. The State of Minnesota has established a hotline for general questions about coronavirus: 1 - 888 - 744 - 5555, toll-free for anyone with questions.

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The situation in Worthington is similar to the situation across the border in Sioux Falls, where JBS executives and union representatives are working closely with state and local officials to respond, Walz said last week. Finding a solution to reopen the plant safely is a top priority for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, he said. Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said the state had developed a plan to respond to "trouble spots" like the ones that erupt in the state, and Peterson said his department had taken several steps to defuse the situation for Minnesota farmers. This has allowed the farm to keep more pigs while it seeks a new outlet and works to connect farmers to new markets.

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